I've been on this earth now for 17 years and a few weeks lol....grateful for every moment that I've experienced. Like the saying goes "What doesn't kill you , makes you stronger". So everything I've went through, I take it as a learning experience and that allows me to grow.

So many people say that they have had it hard and blahhh...all power to them, but my life was a fairly good one. Financially, I was secure, never went to bed hungry, always had a bed to sleep on, always clothed. The physical aspect of my life has been a pretty comfortable one.

Emotionally, not so much. But betrayal by others is what made me who I am...whether it is good or still is what it is. Slowly as I move foreward in life, I find people who are dependable(After weeding out the ones who said they were, but proved otherwise).

Life has taught me the lesson of not building your walls to high, or burning your bridges. I say that because, people who mean well and are trying to show you that they do will need to get through, if the wall is too high, they won't be able to get in....however if you burn bridges, how will you get back to those that meant well, but screwed up? I may be contradicting and confusing, but hey, C'est la vie(such is life), no?

Life is not suposed to be perfect and trying to understand why it goes the way it goes will take forever until death(oxymoron), then it wouldn't matter anymore. Right now I'm Loving life....I'm single, and want to be for a is another thing I and the majority of people...well everyone, can't understand or figure out...but over all I'm grateful for what I have, who I have, who I will have and who I've had.


BayBeeGurl Boo said...

Girl tat was deep. It really makes you think about what life is really supposed to be life, makes you want to look at life from every angle take it by the horns. You go Gurl dont burn those bridges build um up let everyone across(if the deserve it).