Season 1: Episode 1: "Intro premiere"


Well yeah...I'm back, almost a year later... The procrastination monster has no mercy, and I seem to fall prey to it...constantly

So yeah, I wanna take an interesting way of blogging, so I don't spend a few months before getting back to you guys. I just got caught up really, it's interesting how I always go full force at the beginning and run out of steam. Problem with consistency much???? *sigh* Forgive me.

Like I mentioned, this blog will be interesting, i doubt it's orginal, but who cares, I make it mine... Moving on! Each blog I post will be an episode, and this season is this semester in this fine institution called the College of the Bahamas, if you notice my slight sarcasm you probably know what I'm talking about, then again, I tend to over exaggerate...ALOT soooo whatever.

But, yes just for a little background. I attend COB, majoring in Mass communication; my second year [it's my thing really hehe]

My classes this year are pretty interesting...minus counselling...blah
Intro to Film Studies
Oral Communiation
Reporting I
and finally...erm with little enthusiasm..counselling [a 0 credit class;makes no sense really...que la heck!?]

So yeah, that's the jist of things.


At this moment...I'm looking at this news cast watching, sorry..THESE hurricanes, tropical storm type formations spiraling toward these tiny's wierd really, because I don't see much reactions from anyone. Everyone's just chill, no hurricane preparedness, lol like forreal people are just chill about it. Because the Bahamas has been pretty lucky with these hurricanes, in my opinion, don't agree...don't care [o.0]
Instead of makin sure there are jugs of water, batteries, radios and the windows and stuff are together, people are waiting to see if school and work is's whateverrrrrrrrr