Season 1: Episode 2: Hurricane....who?

Bizzack guys [wow@bizzack]

Anyways, today was extremely hot...I basically cooked myself in some skinny jeans and a black hoodie...

Sooooo about this freakin' hurricane....the weather is PERFECT for a day on the beach like an annoying close friend of mine mentioned to me today. I'm confused Hanna[name of "hurricane"...and I use that term very loosely], aren't you supposed to make it breezy and rainy?...I was kinda hoping that she came through and I wouldn't have to go to Reporting I in the's not that....

...I hate Reporting, butttt any class that forces me to disrupt the beauty and grace and all around wonderfullness of sleep at 8:00 in the morning, is really mannnnn. *sigh*...Eh

...I also don't like going to school...*hears the world gasp*...yessss it's trueeee...its necessary, butttt if I could get a degree by just waking up one day, sitting down in front of a computer, designing and printing out a certificate...I freakin' would. I know I'm not alone so I don't feel half as bad...even if I were alone...who cares.

And on the subject of school there a P.A.; Procrastinators anonymous...because school had just started anddd I feel the need to stand up in front of a group of strangers and say...."Hi, my name is Carissa, and I'm a procrastinator"... Like, forreal though...anybody know of one...hit me up...

Funny thing...
...So I was walking on campus today...alone, eh. And this guy just appeared out of no felt like he jumped out from behind a parked car....conversation went as comments in "()"

Wierd guy: I have you on my myspace! (WDH..who does that?)
Me: [a little freaked out] Ermmm...oh yeah?
Wierd guy: Yeah! We should have lunch together sometime!
Me: [freaked out a lot]....erm maybe not...
Wierd guy: [with wierd smirk on face] Oh we will....we will......So where are you headed? (At this point I try to make a little distance 'cause this dude is crazy)
Me: [lying] Headed home.
Wierd guy: Do you drive? ...or you need a ride home; I could drop you home. (ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!)
Me: No i'm good...[fakes a phone call and walks off]

lol It's soooooo wierd to be approached like that like forreal. So for those who may see me in person...DO NOT...jump out from a parked car and tell me u have me on myspace then invite me to lunch...then offer me a freakin' ride home...if i don't know you....he was spared because he was the first...anything after...IT's A WRAP...please believe!! lol

Anyways my eyes are getting heavy....I think that means i need sleep or something...blah! ignorance is bliss, homie!!!!

but yeah goodnight!!!!!!!

Date: September 3rd, 2008