...and you are?

Soooooo I'm back!!
So much has been going on with me lately, but not much actually has been going on.

Before I begin what this blog, let me thank you guys who have been reading, thank you guys who have followed and thank you guys who gave me comments. "I am a lesbian" really got a lot of comments, and I loved them all! (Sadly even AFTER that blog post I still got the "oh so you gay now?" question...just a few minutes ago)....UGH...anyways, keep on reading and commenting. Keeps a girl goin' ya'know?

Now *rubs hands together* let's get into it.

I realize that with all these social networks, you get to meet people online, get to make friends...some people even become closer and eventually get married and have 3 kids with a black poodle named "Ruby". But with everything there are always pros and right behind them laughing with nothing but mischief in mind; come the cons.

Far be it from me to be RUDE to anyone who approaches me in the CORRECT and civilized manner, but when you come at it all wrong I am forced to become that evil, impolite, discourteous being that I try to keep stuffed down into my aorta.

I know some of you can relate. When people who add you on Facebook, MySpace, or where ever, notice a few status changes, a few wall posts and suddenly your life is an open book that they have read and carried back to the library. (do they still have those?) Anyways, people feel as if they've earned the right to come at you as if you've seen each other in diapers or played during those awkward prepubescent and/or teenie bopper years.

Peep the following two conversations I've had via Facebook chat..nothing has been paraphrased:

This one is between this guy and I...or me and this guy??..OH WHATEVER....anyways...
-annoying pop noise-

Guy: hi how r u?
Carissa: pretty good.
Guy: how was ur day?
Carissa:good urs?
Guy: blessed
Carissa: Mkay....
Guy: tru wat ur number is?

MY FIRST TIME SPEAKING TO THIS GUY....no REALLY?! .... boy...hmm anyways...

Carissa: what? =\
Guy: pardon i wrong page
Carissa: .....right

CAME TO HIS SENSES KUH-WIK!....VERY commendable my dear!...GOOD DAY!

*a few minutes later*
-annoying pop noise-
Guy: i comin off facebook. come online so we could talk.

[sorry for pushing this pause button so much but WHAT...?!?!]
I KNOW DUDE AIN'T TRYNNA SOUND LIKE THAT DEMANDING IKE TURNER?!...I should just slap on a blonde wig, get a sparkly dress, blacken my eyes and call myself "Tina"....-side eye-

Carissa: i'm already online
Guy: wats ur addy
Carissa: no thanks
Guy: y u wan be like dat
Carissa: dunno

*few hours go by*
-annoying pop noise-
Guy: wat ya number is
Carissa: ummm i;m not givin u my number
Guy: k call me then
Carissa: no thanks
Guy: stuck up too dred

STILL DIDN'T GET MY NUMBER...neh-neh-neh-neh boo boo!..and you got deleted! GOOD DAY!... and yeah, I'm stuck up...lol i guess!

This is a girl this time....hmmmm read on:

-annoying pop noise-
Girl: hi
Carissa: hey
Girl: sup
Carissa nada u?
Girl: een nuttin. u pretty.
Carissa: thanks :)
Girl: u welcum

*a few minutes pass by*
-anoying pop noise-
Girl: sen me dolla
Carissa: I'm sorry what?
Girl: sen dolla to my fone *inserts number*
Carissa: Umm...no
Girl: y
Carissa: I don't know you =\
Girl: mean b***h

...well at least I'm pretty, right? *giggles*


Daniel said...

lol that's really funny, but its also really true. I've had people do that to me so many times and there's absolutely nothing wrong with your responses to these ignorant people.

Jboo said...

I can't even process these situations mentally right now, HOW THE HELL DO U GET IN CONTACT WITH THESE "REJECTS". I mean like they don't how to talk to a person, think they need to go back to class and retake HOOK ON PHONICS 101, they needs to start from scratch. *Still in mental anguish after reading*

DiJonnaise said...

L O FLIKIN L this happens to be very funny. i trying to figure out if i should take your side or their side [yes there is a possibility I'm not on your side] i mean OK when it comes down to the dude i couldn't be more proud of you. I try to grow my sister up the same way its cool. now the cell phone bit yea i wouldn't do it neither maybe just maybe you could have............... OK I've got nothing. you were right. the thing is i would probably do something like that but most definitely not in that manner there is a way to go about those things. maybe you should have pointed it out to them and educate their idiodicy [not spelled right i know]. be a help to man kind think about it that's one less we have around to make the rest of us seem like "ignant niggas"!!!!

Bunny-Baybee said...

lmbo! both scenarios are hilarious. i try alot of times not to laugh at stupidity but when people do things like that its hard. you arent mean at all, but its crazy how people dont know you and decide to ask you things as if you and them have been friends from birth, i honestly hate that myself and respond just as you did.

love your blogs!

ANDREW said...