Back, second blog in a row! HEYYYYYY! So I just woke up, it's about 12 and I woke up this late because I went to bed at 6. Don't know why, wasn't really saving lives or anything!

So, yes. Virgins are ugly...
...apparently. WHY do you ask???

Peep this:

Lol...wait, there's more:


Just let that soak in......

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my last blog post. WHO SAYS things like.."U too pretty to b a virgin don't worry u gonna b my baby mama"?? No, see because it's the truth. How many pretty virgins you know???....'Cause sex is only for pretty people. Only pretty people have sex. Sooooooo if you're dare you NOT roll around in a bed of hot sweaty love!? -side eye-

[and if you haven't noticed my severe sarcasm...let me mention that I was being uberly sarcastic..don't need my fellow attractive virgins to tie me up and shoot me]

But like, who says that and expects it to be a SEXY line? and we're not even gonna mention his FACELESS profile pic. We're not even gonna bring to light that he has no pic. I swear I'm not gonna tell you guys how he has no picture...

-side eye-

Ol' creepy-no-pic-havin' dude. What the hell??

THEN he constantly is gonna come at me. The sad part about it is, after he noticed my disinterest, homie tried to throw his house in my face? Sooo not only am I not supposed to be a virgin, I should be totally attracted to the fact that he owns a house, get my gold-diggin' on!
OHHHHH you own a house!?!?! Bring that no-no here and let's get this freak-in-the-sheets thing goin'! boy, bye. It's not attractive, you're not attractive and I am a virgin. Go figure!

And in case you guys are wondering what the "side eye"'s what the brunette is throwing at the blonde in this pic:




Jahmil Dubayou said...

This is funny. Dude do be sayin that and it sounds terrible. Around my way I know there are some funky lookin chicks that threw they v card away ages ago. So Ugly chick aint always virgins and pretty girls aint always droppin it. The world of females is a mixed bag of promiscuity. lol Good day to you homie.

u Know uGoop? said...

- iDone
- *side eye*