We all have problems...my world doesn't revolve around you!

I'm back, going full throttle today!

But yes, before I really get into this topic, I must say I don't know how single parents do it! Kids are a handful. I've been taking care of this kid for the past two hours and I am tired as hell right now! When he drifted off to sleep I almost backflipped into a totally joyous and rapture-esque broadway musical!!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program.

It just gets on my nerves when people always downgrade what you're going through so they can be the "victim of life" in comparison to the world. It's not that I think that someone else's problems are insignificant, but it's so annoying when someone comes to you with a sob story and makes your life out to be the life filled perfection and butterflies and rainbows and candy farts.

"You don't have to deal with blah blah blah blah, so you don't understand."
Well sorry to be so blunt, if i don't understand...then don't talk to me. Go kill yourself...(I should totally become a counselor)
I have NO problem with someone coming to me and expressing how they are feeling, but don't make my life out to be perfect.

ADDITIONALLY, my life, if anything should be based on the betterment of MYSELF. If I so choose to allow you to be apart of it...you are just that.. A PART of my life. don't think that you are what I live, breathe, draw, sing, write (you get the picture). Unless however, you're Travis McCoy...

*slips into mini-trance then wipes drool off of the keyboard*

YEAH...sorry about that, but Travis McCoy is my healthy obsession. But back to the topic at hand. Like honestly, respect me enough to realize that I go through stuff too. I have my daily battles...like what bowl I should use for my cereal or what set of boxers I should put on to lay around the house....DECISIONS THAT ARE DIRE TO MY WHOLE EXISTENCE.
Give me a break. You aren't the only one in the world with problems. Everyone has problems. You aren't as special as you think you are. (I should reallyyy take a swing at this counseling thing!!)

If you think that you're the only one with problems just die already. Problem solved!

But I realize that where most people go wrong is that they measure their success to the success of others from only the showcase vision. They only see the reward, but don't know what the process was behind that. Stop worrying about other people!!! What other people have whether you think it's warranted or not, is none of your business and shouldn't be your concern.

JUST..*cringes at the cliche phrase that is coming*...LIVE YOUR LIFE...