In the.......

If you're expecting a knew slapping, hilarious blog entry, go into the archives section and enjoy. This won't be one of them. the link and read more. Mkay?

  While the irregular, far less then frequent posts do give you a sample of funny aspect of my life, I haven't been giving you much of who I am. And that's fine, except it wasn't the intent of the blog. "In the life and mind of..." was geared to giving the good and bad parts of my life, but by some strange turn of events, I felt obligated to only give you funny.
Truth be told, I've made personal decisions when it comes to what I post. 
A regular day would include me saying the following at least once in that day:
I'm soooooo gonna put up a post today.
  Well, as you can see I put up a post almost every two weeks...okay, months. Shuttup. But for the most part, I do "journal" every day, I just don't post a blog everyday and it defeats this blog's purpose...since it's my journal....or whatever. I decide not to post most of my entries because I deem them too personal after I release my emotions through the keyboard. I'm just awkward like that. I like the thought of me being void from feelings and emotional responses, but my human characteristics make it difficult. Yes, it's annoying.

  However, I think there should be a  for how my blog works. I want my blog to be about my life and what goes on in my mind. Too much good makes this blog a miserable fail in relation to its intended purpose.

  That's all that I wanted to say, really. I know I promise more than I deliver, and that's okay sometimes.

  Until the next time (aka in another month or so) lol just kidding (or not) I am....maybe,
.....Carissa Rho.


Ampy said...

Will lay in wait to see if the 'Wall of Inhibitions' falls or not, either way just getting something to read is dandy.

Spanish Hosea

DiJonnaise said...

surprisingly dis is my fav post absolutely my fav i feel some sort of connection wit the real u it feels like your just like every other human n your feelings are similar sooo it works for you and for me :D

John C said...

gawrl booom! We need new posts! *rocks back & forth Whitney style*