Season 1: Episode 3: I....procrastinate...

Please don't shoot!!!!

*sigh* History repeats itself....
It's been well over a week since I've posted....
....did anybody find the number or contact for the P.A....i really need it...

None the less, I haven't been sitting in my own self worth and rottening. College life is so blah...really. In the past 3 nights, I've had at least 6 hours of sleep...combined. The work is really piling on, but I am back, please forgive me but I have a problem. My friend, Sean has been reminding a very RUDE way to update my here goes!

It's been a week and alot has happened. My life is a sitcom. I swear. I should carry a camera and record my everyday life and it would make killer ratings..[hmm, food for thought!]

First of all, hurricane Ike....
It amazes me how ungateful people are. Hurricane Ike has left utter devistation everywhere he has crossed, yet people are upset because they had to go to school. I saw some pictures of what it did to Haiti and couldn't help but to be grateful. Ignorance is bliss, but it's annoying as hell to me...forreal....

College..i hate lol
BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I got an A in the group presentation that has been the cause of my lack of sleep!!!! Sooooo that is just where it's at. It was for my Photojournalism class. Usually I really detest group work...simply because there is always that one person who just freakin' never does their part, however, this was not the case for me. I loved my group hence our ability to get an A, but it would be nice to sleep soundly tonight.


Funny thing...

I'm sittin in my room, on my laptop and this person pops up on IM and talks to me. I haven't spoken to this person more than 2 times since she added me...interestingly enough....anyway...take a look see...

Girl: Hey
ME: Hi
Girl: How you doing
[I'm typng my response]
Girl: Do me a favor...[YEAH AM FINE!...wdf]
ME:[being civil] Depends on what it is...
Girl: You could call the Embassy and make an apointment for me please...

I'm sorry, am I a personal assisant now????

First of all, I don't know you, yet you want to ask me for a favor, which I found a little sketchy...
Secondly....makin appointments for people I don't know is not a hobby of mine..hell, I don't like to make appointments for people i DO know...

I never asked why she needed me to make the appointment i jus told her no, and she got upset... Guess what though...I didn't die, and I slept pecefully that night [after pulling an all nighter lol]

WAIT! There's more!!!!

This is a different girl, but it is hillarious nonetheless

Girl: Hey wassup
ME: Nuthin...u?
Girl: Nuthin
Girl: Hook me up..[WDF]
Not only am I a personal assistant, I'm a matchmaker
Girl: Will you?
Me: Why...
Girl: You can't?
ME: Why should I...why do I need to
Girl: Well I was thinking you know alot of guys [is she callin me a slut????]
ME: Welllll I won't help you sorry....
{closes IM box]

I NEED TO GET A NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. These people are getting toooooo many losers....forreal


that's me for now....

OH YES...if I hear another "rapper" on an A milli track...I'll tear out my braids....

Season 1: Episode 2: Hurricane....who?

Bizzack guys [wow@bizzack]

Anyways, today was extremely hot...I basically cooked myself in some skinny jeans and a black hoodie...

Sooooo about this freakin' hurricane....the weather is PERFECT for a day on the beach like an annoying close friend of mine mentioned to me today. I'm confused Hanna[name of "hurricane"...and I use that term very loosely], aren't you supposed to make it breezy and rainy?...I was kinda hoping that she came through and I wouldn't have to go to Reporting I in the's not that....

...I hate Reporting, butttt any class that forces me to disrupt the beauty and grace and all around wonderfullness of sleep at 8:00 in the morning, is really mannnnn. *sigh*...Eh

...I also don't like going to school...*hears the world gasp*...yessss it's trueeee...its necessary, butttt if I could get a degree by just waking up one day, sitting down in front of a computer, designing and printing out a certificate...I freakin' would. I know I'm not alone so I don't feel half as bad...even if I were alone...who cares.

And on the subject of school there a P.A.; Procrastinators anonymous...because school had just started anddd I feel the need to stand up in front of a group of strangers and say...."Hi, my name is Carissa, and I'm a procrastinator"... Like, forreal though...anybody know of one...hit me up...

Funny thing...
...So I was walking on campus today...alone, eh. And this guy just appeared out of no felt like he jumped out from behind a parked car....conversation went as comments in "()"

Wierd guy: I have you on my myspace! (WDH..who does that?)
Me: [a little freaked out] Ermmm...oh yeah?
Wierd guy: Yeah! We should have lunch together sometime!
Me: [freaked out a lot]....erm maybe not...
Wierd guy: [with wierd smirk on face] Oh we will....we will......So where are you headed? (At this point I try to make a little distance 'cause this dude is crazy)
Me: [lying] Headed home.
Wierd guy: Do you drive? ...or you need a ride home; I could drop you home. (ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!)
Me: No i'm good...[fakes a phone call and walks off]

lol It's soooooo wierd to be approached like that like forreal. So for those who may see me in person...DO NOT...jump out from a parked car and tell me u have me on myspace then invite me to lunch...then offer me a freakin' ride home...if i don't know you....he was spared because he was the first...anything after...IT's A WRAP...please believe!! lol

Anyways my eyes are getting heavy....I think that means i need sleep or something...blah! ignorance is bliss, homie!!!!

but yeah goodnight!!!!!!!

Date: September 3rd, 2008

Season 1: Episode 1: "Intro premiere"


Well yeah...I'm back, almost a year later... The procrastination monster has no mercy, and I seem to fall prey to it...constantly

So yeah, I wanna take an interesting way of blogging, so I don't spend a few months before getting back to you guys. I just got caught up really, it's interesting how I always go full force at the beginning and run out of steam. Problem with consistency much???? *sigh* Forgive me.

Like I mentioned, this blog will be interesting, i doubt it's orginal, but who cares, I make it mine... Moving on! Each blog I post will be an episode, and this season is this semester in this fine institution called the College of the Bahamas, if you notice my slight sarcasm you probably know what I'm talking about, then again, I tend to over exaggerate...ALOT soooo whatever.

But, yes just for a little background. I attend COB, majoring in Mass communication; my second year [it's my thing really hehe]

My classes this year are pretty interesting...minus counselling...blah
Intro to Film Studies
Oral Communiation
Reporting I
and finally...erm with little enthusiasm..counselling [a 0 credit class;makes no sense really...que la heck!?]

So yeah, that's the jist of things.


At this moment...I'm looking at this news cast watching, sorry..THESE hurricanes, tropical storm type formations spiraling toward these tiny's wierd really, because I don't see much reactions from anyone. Everyone's just chill, no hurricane preparedness, lol like forreal people are just chill about it. Because the Bahamas has been pretty lucky with these hurricanes, in my opinion, don't agree...don't care [o.0]
Instead of makin sure there are jugs of water, batteries, radios and the windows and stuff are together, people are waiting to see if school and work is's whateverrrrrrrrr