"The Lady Killer" album review


Well, I’m back! Carissa’s back and in rare form.

The greatness that kissed my ears this past week has made me very happy in every form of the word. One of my favorites, Cee Lo Green’s “The Lady Killer” album has been released to the masses.  Cee Lo, who is a half of the Grammy-award winning duo, “Gnarls Barkley” and is also apart of the 90’s hip hop group “Goodie Mob”, decided to go solo for this new album that rides along this awesome wave of nostalgia.
There should be a word that accurately and perfectly describes this album, but I can't pinpoint just one. The 80’s vibe that this album gives off makes me want to be born in the 80’s. How could I have missed being born in this awesome era?! Well, thanks to Cee Lo, the recreation of music that he presented on the album makes being a 90’s baby just as grand.
Now, there aren’t many albums, or artists for that matter, that could possibly get me to play their entire album at least twice non-stop. Cee Lo has succeeded. The album starts off with “The Lady Killer Theme (Intro)” and you automatically know that the rest of the album will leave you senseless; in a good way. The way Cee Lo guides the listener through the album track after track should be illegal.
I should have known that when Cee Lo released the widely popular single “Forget You” from the album that "The Lady Killer" was going to be something that I would purchase for my “happy times” or “shut up, listen, unwind and relax” collection.  Cee Lo was not alone in his work of perfection, but the collaborations on the album were what made some of the songs worth repeating.
The fact that I sat silently for about four minutes after I listened to the album, just trying to absorb its musical tastiness means that it is worth listening to.
“The Lady Killer” album is available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes and can be purchased on Cee Lo’s website www.ceelogreen.com/


Shade' ♡ said...

Yeah, I love his song forget you!


ABIGAIL NY said...

Love a lot of his songs, sure you love Bodies ... amazing song!


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