HEYYYYYY People!!!!

So for those of you who do read my blog are probably mad now because you have already bought the casket and for you sweethearts done gone and wrote a eulogy...and I come here and ruin your whole day!...

I will make it up I promise.

Soooooooo yeah my excuse that I conjured up to present to you is...I HAD SCHOOL WORK TO DO...and I think that's a pretty good one....

Anyways...yeah, school has been playing a major factor as to why most of you done threw dirt on my blog and R.I.P.'d a sista...
But ya'll k now my procrastination problem...I still haven't received a number for the people yet soooo PROCRASTINATE I MUST!!!

But school has been a main course proper HELL with a side order of torcher and washed down with a tall glass pain on the rocks. Why?

1. My reporting class has been hell really. I mean it eased up a little, but initially you could not tell me that my Reporting lecturer wasn't sent to detroy me. All the friggin stories and ACCURACY...SMT BLAH!! I don;t even wanna get into it, because I can feel the tears coming out of my eyes...or is it blood?..ERM YEH IT'S THAT SERIOUS...

2. My Oral communications class (and it's a class that prepares you for public speaking for those whose minds stay posted on Gutter St.) I love performing spoken word...I really do, but it's something about andin in front of a class and a lecturer that just makes my....hmm yeah. LEt's just say I get nervous.

BUT!...All work and no play makes me who i am!!! Lol nahhh, but yeah, I haven't been "out" in a while. HOWEVER, life never seems to get any less entertaining, I promise you.

So yeah a little scenario that i want to share, and I'll link this to another blog I'm going to write...
ATTENTION: All of the transcript dialogue you are about to read is totally true. Nothing is made up for entertainnt....besides you couldn't make crap like this up.
my thoughts in []
*home phone rings*
Me: Hello?
Some wierd deep voice: Goodnight may I speak to Carissa please?
Me: Ummm...speaking?
SWDV: Do you know who this is?
Me: The voice sounds familiar...[UGH IT's THIS ANNOYING DUDE WHO WNT STOP CALLIN!]
SWDV: Who you think this is?
Me: N****? [name has been censored to protect this dude's pride lol]
SWDV: Yeah you right! *flattered* So that means you were thinkin about me?
Me: Uhh not really. [Who the hell forgets someone if they initially called every 4 hours]
N****: So it's been some missed me?
Me: Not really.
N****: Oh so I haven't been on your mind at all? [ serious?]
Me: *laughs annoyingly*[if u cud do that] Not at all Mr., N****.
N****: You've been on my mind
Me: Uh huh
N****: So you found a man yet? [Way to ease it into the conversation guy...]
Me: Yeah
N****: Oh okay. So you want to go to lunch sometime?? [WDH]
Me: Ummm no...
N****: Why not???...I mean...
Me: -CUTTING HIM OFF- Okay....honestly...
N****: -CUTTING ME OFF- Tell me what's wrong.
Me: I was gonna. But yeah...I;m going to try and put this in a nice way.
N****: Okay.
Me: I'm not interested.
N****: Why what happen?
Me: *laughs annoyingly* Okay...I tried...look I'mma need you to stop calling my house..
N****: Why??? [LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL]


Now why is it that my verbal hints never seem to show disinterest?? I need to invest in a Lil Wayne voice box and let him whisper sweet and sour nothings in their ear...since he seems to be the crack in most of the pipes these guys are lighting up. Anyways I digress...


Me: I am not remotely interested in you...real talk
N****: [here is when he really shows] See, you is the same kinda gyal I dis warn my little brothers of......[and he goes on BLAH BLAH BLAH]

After his rant I hang up....

Now here is what I don;t get....YOU COULD READ MY DISINTEREST...I CUD HEAR MY DISINTEREST..why is it that some guys' ears are immune to tone...and don't even try to catch what's going on? I didn't want to be mean..and HELL I could have been worse...but I chose not to be.

SMT...sigh..another blog is coming up...with relations to this situation.

P.s. just on a Random rant:


It's just getting annoying...And has made it number 3 on my pet peeve list...the first being the word "conversate" the second being the misuse of the word "hater"...swagger has fallen victim to over use...

All of a sudden EVERYBODY got "swagger"...

I swear....the only thing that can make me do back to the grave that some of you already had prepare for to hear the word "swagger" used repeatedly on an A Milli Track while I;m trying to do Reporting HW...I swear My Eulogy is prepared...JUST IN CASE...

*SIGH*...Peace Ya'll