In the.......

If you're expecting a knew slapping, hilarious blog entry, go into the archives section and enjoy. This won't be one of them. the link and read more. Mkay?

Hey Mister....

Hey Mister,

You don't know me, but the further down in this letter will reveal why it should remain that way. Now, I'm new to Chicago and I love everything about it. The weather is bearable and the people are easy on the eyes. What's not so easy on the eyes is what has come to be a regular habit of yours in the evening times.


*enters blog and looks around*
So um yeah, I've been N.T.B.F. (Nowhere to be found) for a good while. So excuse the post below announcing my come back five months ago.

I was up all night working on this blog and it only looks like it took seconds, which makes me boil over. Eh, that's life (or something like that)

I'll try to keep the stories and blog posts coming this time guys!

And if I ever fall short on my blogging, threaten me on twitter (MY home away from, at, around, inside, beside and underneath home)